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Crossing boundaries with the arts.

My skills and experiences:
  • Bilingual native speaker of English and German
  • Work experience abroad in the tourism industry,
    multi-facetted, intercultural influences
  • Formal education as trilingual secretary (ESA Diploma),
    Practical training at Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France
  • Relevant professional experience as a trilingual secretary in renowned Hamburg-based firms (media and advertising, film industry, international trading companies)
  • Project assistant for the organization of a World Conference (CONFINTEA V), UNESCO Institute for Education, Hamburg


  • Studies in arts and education management (diploma),
    “Institut für Weiterbildung” at the University of Hamburg,
    main focus: cultural theory, cultural policy, and the fine arts
  • Guided tours through galleries and in the frame of art projects
  • Opening speeches at art exhibitions
  • Curator and coordinator of art exhibitions
  • Assistant in gallery for contemporary art
  • Establishment of a network for artists and art managers
  • Voluntary work for an affiliation of artist-run spaces
  • Free-lance work as a professional arts manager