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Crossing boundaries with the arts.

Your key benefits are:

You save time.
Benefiting from my linguistic and organizational support allows you to focus on other projects. You save time and have one thing less to worry about.

You also save money.
Through my moderate pricing and efficient performance, I help you keep costs for international exhibitions and culture projects at a reasonable level. Upon request I will assist you in applying for funds and various fundraising activities.

You also save a lot of effort.
By providing encompassing linguistic services or fulfilling project-related tasks, I can ease your workload. A well-organized work flow and responsible handling of data clearly contribute to good collabora
tion and successful projects.

You benefit from a targeted agency service.
My contacts to artists and practitioners form the basis for fascinating work relations. Involving artists with articulate positions and pooling different competencies and disciplines allows you to set new accents.

You can entrust me with your communication requirements.
Even when it comes to negotiating or corresponding on the international level – my communication skills can support you in defining your proposals, and thus contribute to better understanding.

You make provisions for future successes.
By engaging me to do the follow-up work of your project, relevant activities are evaluated and documented. This ensures that achieved work and valuable experiences are held available for future purposes.