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Researching, composing, refining language… addressing people.

BeLANG delivers words that matter.

My linguistic services are tailored to your requests and are thus individually calculated. The prices for translation and editing depend on the subject area, the degree of difficulty and volume of the text, and are therefore determined on the basis of negotiation.

I consider it important to provide my clients with a transparent and precise pricing system which is easily comprehensible and reliable. This is why I offer to assess the costs for translation after viewing the document in question. For your convenience, I will submit a cost estimate on short notice and without charge.

My calculation method for:

As a general rule, I calculate by translated lines. For this purpose the lines are counted in the source language. A standard line comprises 55 characters including the blanks. The price per line is determined in relation to the above named factors. Orders of substantial volume may also be fulfilled at a negotiated fixed price.

The refining of style and overall optimizing of your texts, including proofreading, is calculated on the basis of a hourly fee.

Examining and correcting your texts regarding spelling and grammar is also calculated on the basis of an hourly fee.


As a client-oriented service provider, I work efficiently and, whenever tight deadlines make it necessary, with increased dedication. Very short-term delivery dates, however, may incur a surcharge.

All prices are understood as net prices to which the applicable statu-
tory German tax will be added accordingly. Moreover, the relevant German Federal legislation is applicable, such as the Act governing fees and compensation payments for services rendered by translators (i.e. § 17 of the “JSEG”).

I thank you kindly for your interest in my services and shall be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me.