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What does BeLANG stand for?

Language and culture are my fields of work.
Both are closely interlinked. Providing precise translations and convincing texts – this is my intention. Crossing boundaries with the arts – overcoming language barriers – this is what I want to facilitate.

Reliability, organizational talent and creativity
As a professional free-lancer, I am always available to you as your direct contact person. You define your demand, and I deliver uncomplicated and fast results – results based on my commitment to providing premium quality.

Extensive professional experience on the international level My cross-cultural background includes living in different countries and fulfilling multifaceted assignments in business and culture. Staying alert and open-minded constitutes one of my basic principles.

What does all this have to do with you?

You intend to publicize bilingually and are thus seeking professional linguistic support. You are looking for someone who understands just how to address the guests of your exhibition or who will act as a sensitive moderator of your cultural event. You have a project in the pipeline and are eager to find a dedicated and reliable partner.

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Please do not hesitate to let me know of your interest. Just get in touch with me under “Contact” and you will receive a timely reply.
In the next step, we will work out a solution that is tailored to match your requirements.