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What does BeLANG stand for?

Language and art

Especially when it comes to communicating art-based content, art relies on language – both are at the centre of my work. With English and German as a mother tongue, I offer specialist translations and editing in this language combination for the fields of art, culture and education. Providing my clients with coherent translations and convincing texts – that is my intention. Translating art-related texts while taking stylistic nuances into account – this is my speciality.

Reliability, organizational talent and creativity

As a professional freelancer, I am always available to you as your direct contact person. You define your needs and receive uncomplicated and quick results – results based on my commitment to providing professional, client-oriented work.

Extensive professional experience on the international level

My cross-cultural background includes living in different countries and fulfilling multifaceted assignments in business and culture. Keeping a watchful eye and an open ear for cultural, societal and political developments is a basic principle.

What does all this have to do with you?

You intend to publish bilingually and are seeking professional linguistic support. Whether you are an artist, a gallery or a museum, your texts reflect your particular style and contain special terminology. You are thus looking for a translator who works discreetly in the background but is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

Find out about my services on the following pages. Then just get in touch with me and you will receive a timely reply.

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